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Introducing NBP100 Thermal Billing Printer in NGX’s Retail Billing printer’s category. NBP100 comes with the feature of USB B-Type Connectivity to transform data from/ to PC and Device, KOT and normal billing option, Logo and shop name printing on bill and as a report it provides Daily, Bill wise, Monthly, Yearly, Item wise, sales report etc. It has Battery and Power adapter for power supply. NBP100 is suitable for Restaurants, Hotels, Retail and Grocery outlets, Garment, Café and Ice Cream Parlours etc.


  • Asthetically sleek design
  • Inbuilt long lasting battery
  • Billing printing with thermal technology
  • Stores upto 2000 items
  • 250 items in a single bill
  • Data download from personal computer to NBP100
  • Calculator mode available
  • Supports 2inch paper
  • Header/Footer max 10 line
  • Allow user to browse through items and edit items.



ItemWise Yes
Bill Wise Yes
Daywise Yes
Summery Yes
Userwise Yes
Stock Report Yes
Void Bill Yes
Tax Yes
Caluclator Yes
Monthly Yes
Monthly UDN Yes
Vat Yes
Table Yes
Cash Yes
Card Yes
UND Commission Yes
Profit Yes
Department Yes
Dept Group Yes
Group Itemwise Yes
Item Menu with Prices Yes
Hourly Yes
Billwise Timewise Yes
Stock Reorder Yes
User Itemwise Yes
Ratewise Itemwise Yes
Refund Yes
Software Options
PLU (Items) 2000 Items
Hot PLU Keys 26 Keys
Dept/Groups 99 / 99
TAX 3 Nos
VAT 1 No
Cashier/Clerks 4 Members
Admin 1 Member
Waiters Yes
Reverse Calculation Yes
Input file Backup Item,UND
Reports Backup Itemwise, Billwise, Daywise Stock, Userwise
Header/Footer 10 lines each
Logo Yes
Duplicate Bill Yes (of any day)
Copy of Current Bill Yes
Items Per Bill 250 Items
Stock Yes
Sales Price 3 Prices
Discount On Bill/Item Yes
Currency Symbol (Indian Rupee) Yes
Cash Calc Yes
Bills per Day 5000 bills
Rounding Bill Amount 50 paisa
Edit Item (Qty\Price\Delete) in current bill Yes
Calc Mulitplier 2 and 3 Mulitplier
Open Price Yes (Configurable)
Refund Yes
Stock Reorder Yes
With Battery Yes
With Power supply Yes
Thermal Printer 2 inch Thermal Printer
Printing speed 55 mmps
Operator Display 16 Characters x 2 lines LCD Display with Back lit
PC Linking USB B-Type cable
Dimensions (WxLxH) in cm  
Weight 825g
Keyboard 35 Keys