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BlueBoard is a cost effective prototyping solution. It is a ready-to-run development platform with codesnippets to demonstrate applications for every feature supported on the board. The Blue Board offers ubiquitous interfaces making it the best board available for the offered price.

The NGX BlueBoard-RL78/G14_64pin is based on RL78/G14-64pin microcontroller from RENESAS. RL78/G14-64pin offers 64-KB Flash ROM,4 KB data flash, 5.5 KB RAM, 32-MHz operation, 8/10-bit resolution A/Dconverter, UART/UART (LIN-bus supported), I2C/Simplified I2C communication, 16-bit timer and wide range of peripherals.

Following are the salient features of the board

  •  Dimensions: 110mm X 120mm
  •  Two layer PCB (FR-4 material)
  •  Power: DC 6.5V with power LED On-board linear regulators
  •  14 pin debug connector for Emulator connection
  •  User Switch and reset switch
  •  12 MHz crystal for MCU
  •  Extension headers for all MCU pins
  •  User LED
  •  Character LCD
  •  Two RS232 connectors
  •  10K pot for ADC
  •   Buzzer

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