Xplorer ++ Baseboard

Xplorer ++ Baseboard

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Xplorer ++ Baseboard


Base Board for Xplorer ++.  Xplorer++ BaseBoard can be used with

Following are the features of Xplorer ++ Baseboard

  • Dimensions of 178 X 100 mm   
  • Two layer PCB
  • Power supply: DC 7.5V with power LED        
  • On-board linear regulator generate +5v/500mA from the power supply
  • Extension headers for all micro-controller pins        
  • 4.3 inch resistive touch LCD (480x272)
  • Four RS232 port connectors   
  • Onboard RTC battery
  • Onboard ADC POT
  • Onboard ISP & Reset switches
  • Onboard two user LED's
  • Onboard navigation keypad


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